Now that your listing has inspired trust and received positive online interactions, the investment starts to pay off.

 According to key real estate statistics, house listings with professional photography sold 32% faster and got 61% more views than those without them.

 Naturally, with more people showing up to view the house after already deciding they want to buy your property from the exquisite photos in your listing, you have more opportunities to get the best offer possible.


Professional Real Estate Photography Inspires Trust

Final Thoughts 

As with everything over the years, the real estate market has largely moved online, with 97% of buyers using the internet as their main point of reference when searching for their next home. With over half of the newest home buyers being millennials, from 3d tours to virtual staging, visual representation has never been more critical.

 In the average two-month search period that buyers look for their next property, most of their decisions have been made at home, even before you’ve gotten a phone call. So now, your online listing is not just your first introduction to a potential client but sometimes the only one you get. As such, professional real estate photography is a crucial component in all your marketing campaigns and listings.


Why You Need Professional Real Estate Photos for Your Listing

It Means More Views and Less Time on the Market


Buyers can tell when actual work has gone into your photos. Clean-cut, professional images will show buyers that you are willing to invest time and also money into how you represent yourself to them. It makes them feel valued and, in turn, raises you in their regard, inclining them to believe what you tell them and how you represent your property.



​You only get one chance at a first impression. In this visual age, you have to cater to your audience. Including professional photography will inspire trust, get in front of more potential buyers, and help you make the best sale - faster. ​